Results workshop - Cultivation and refinement of orris rhizomes in Bavaria

As part of the EIP-Agri programme, the cultivation and processing of irises was tested in Bavaria. 

Extracts of these rhizomes are used as high-priced ingredients in the fragrance and flavour industry. Sourcing this raw material is very difficult. Supply chains are unreliable, price fluctuations and sometimes inferior qualities lead to bottlenecks. The slow growth of the plants, the long but necessary storage time of the rhizomes after harvesting and a lack of experience in cultivation and processing have so far made cultivation in Bavaria unattractive. A new ageing process, which accelerates the formation of fragrances, and the knowledge gained from cultivation should now enable the establishment of a new value chain with this special crop in Bavaria. 

The main aspects of the project were the establishment of the agricultural techniques and processing procedures necessary for this special crop. All individual steps and the entire process were examined for their economic efficiency, optimised and subjected to a risk analysis. 

The project was very successful and interested parties from the industry have already been won. 


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