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Complex solutions for the future - sustainable, green and economical
SKH GmbH is an application-oriented R&D affiliated institute of the University of Regensburg.

We bring the latest research results directly into industrial practice - as contract research and in independent developments.
Our focus



In cooperation with the Chair of Solution Chemistry at the University of Regensburg, we work on the development of new materials, products and processes with a focus on surface-active substances, polymers and complex liquids. We have been proven and internationally recognised specialists in this field for decades.
The production, processing and development of high-quality plant extracts for the fragrance and flavour industry is our new area of interest. In close partnership with Bavarian farmers, we manage the entire production chain from cultivation to post-harvest treatment, refinement, extraction or distillation, to the analytical evaluation of green and sustainably produced plant extracts.
Range of services
We work both on contract research and on our own developments - from laboratory and pilot scale to market maturity.
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The company

Complex solutions for the future - sustainable, green and economical

Since its foundation in 1999, SKH GmbH has been united by the idea of making existing and emerging products and processes more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The combination of research at the University of Regensburg, development at SKH and practical realisation by R. Scheuchl GmbH allows the implementation of an idea from its origins to technical-industrial market maturity in one cast.


Learn more about our latest Green Chemistry developments.

Results workshop - Cultivation and refinement of orris rhizomes in Bavaria

As part of the EIP-Agri programme, the cultivation and processing of orris was established in Bavaria. We will present our findings in an online workshop and look forward to a lively exchange of experiences.

Orris at the heart of creating a new perfume

In the near future, the unique orris from Bavaria is aimed to play the leading role in a high-quality niche perfume whose exclusively natural components are to be of regional origin.

Publication on GVL in the journal "Green Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Werner Kunz published a scientific paper on the green platform molecule gamma-valerolactone - ecotoxicity, biodegradability, solvent properties and potential applications.