Removal of graffiti with food-approved solvents made from renewable raw materials.

SKH Graffiti-Ex

Environmentally friendly agent for removing water- and solvent-based nail varnishes (2in1)

SKH Nail Polish Remover

Removal of persistent stains from textiles

SKH Stain-Ex

Together with partners from the cosmetics industry, a day cream with proven protection against harmful nitrogen oxides in the environment was developed.

Formulation of a day cream with NOx protection

Four highly effective, water-dilutable concentrates have been developed according to scientific standards as bathroom, kitchen, glass and all-purpose cleaners. We would be happy to cooperate with you regarding marketing or licensing.

Development of Eco cleaner concentrates on a scientific basis

Together with a leading expert for special chemicals, research was conducted on the chemical demarkation of strongly cross-linked cold plastic markings - without the use of strong acids and bases.

Chemical demarking of road markings

A process was developed on behalf of a technology company to remove a PMMA-based photoresist from Si wafers.

Photoresist stripping of Si wafers

On behalf of a cosmetics company, we adapted existing formulations of cosmetic colourants to the constantly changing restrictions of the European Cosmetics Regulation.

Efficient semi-permanent colouring of skin and hair

On behalf of a pharmaceutical company, completely new approaches for the solubilisation of poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients with the help of natural substances from plants were investigated.

Dissolving medicinal substances

Development of a new, solvent-based recycling technology in cooperation with an additive and pigment manufacturer and a plastics recycling company with the aim of establishing a sustainable plastics recycling economy.

De-inking to recycle plastic

Production of high-quality raw materials for the fragrance and flavour industry from sustainable cultivation and from a single source

Cultivation and refinement of Iris germanica and I. pallida in Bavaria

Research project to bring energy- and resource-efficient production technologies for different sectors and at different scales to technical industrialisation maturity.

Residue-free energy-efficient overall manufacturing processes of natural products

Research was performed on behalf of a fragrance and flavour company on the use of NADES (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents) for the extraction of aromatic plants and for use as solubilisers

Use of NADES as extraction medium and alternative solvent

Plant extraction on the basis of fatty acids to obtain fragrances

Green extraction of fragrant and aromatic plants

On behalf of a fragrance and aroma company, research was done to improve the digestion of the plant matrix before distillation. This improved the yields and the fragrance profile.

Optimisation of distillation processes for the extraction of essential oils